Thursday, April 01, 2021

I've Been Saying It For Months

After a little number crunching:

I believe I have enough data to prove my previous assertion: Whether or not “masks work”, mask mandates don’t and they are nothing but COVID-theater...

As more vaccines are distributed and people recover from infection (especially after receiving the new treatments that have been developed), smart leaders would do well to lift the mandates and restrictions and allow people to resume all their regular activities. Political leaders and media-types who insist on masks are following neither science or reason.

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Ellen K said...

We just flew back from Vegas. Of course masks were required. I have asthma. The combination of masks and recirculated air on a crowded jet required me using my inhaler three times in two and half hours. I struggle to breathe wearing a mask on a good day. I can't even imagine how scary it must be for a child with asthma or a senior with COPD to cope with the blocking of what little air they can breathe because of mask mandates. Furthermore nobody has yet to explain to me why a mask, which can be open at the sides, is more effective than a gaiter that completely covers the sides. I think it's all a bunch of horse hockey.