Saturday, April 10, 2021


I've stated before that my school district is now operating on a hybrid model:

Monday morning, 1st-3rd periods in person.  Monday afternoon, 1st-3rd periods online.

Tuesday morning, 4th-6th periods in person.  Tuesday afternoon, 4th-6th periods online.

Wednesday, "office hours", or sometimes I'll have students take a quiz online.

Thursday and Friday are repeats of Monday and Tuesday, but with different students in-person.

One thing I've realized with this is just how much harder teaching is when it's online.  Not only is it exhausting (and often demoralizing) for the teacher, it's significantly less effective for all but the most motivated of students, perhaps the top 5% or so.

This is wearing me out.

Combine this with some family stresses, and I got home from work yesterday just sapped of energy.  I decided to lie down around 5:00, but not too much later I got an entirely unexpected drop-in visit from my mother and aunt.  They were here perhaps an hour, and when they left, well...I don't remember getting back into bed.  When I woke up it was 5:00 this morning.  I don't feel entirely rested, but I'm better than I've been in several days, so that's something.

Here's to a relaxing weekend!


Ellen K said...

I'm sure you'll appreciate this. Dallas ISD has decided to bring ALL seniors back into class in person. Why? Because 40% of them checked out of online courses and will not graduate unless stringent measu.res are taken. So much for the students being engaged online. Notice how the news phrased is that they "invited" seniors back. While the district is promising things like Senior Breakfasts, Six Flags Trips and Proms the reality is these students should be doing this on their own---but they aren't. Seniors are supposed to show up in person Monday. We'll see how many actually show up.

Darren said...

They *are* checked out.

Ellen K said...

It's Monday, so I'm sure you'll appreciate this addendum to my post above.
Under the imposition of the NEA, Dallas ISD teachers lamented returning to the classroom, perpetuating the notion that in person classes were "dangerous." Then, after at home learning became an abject failure, the district was faccing half of this year's seniors not graduating. So last week the Dallas ISD made a big announcement that ALL seniors must return to the classroom for the last nine weeks of classes. The same kids who broke or pawned their district purchased laptops, who couldn't be bothered to logon or pay attention online were expected to show they had responsibility and show up today. How many showed up? 43%

Who's with me that it's way past time for some tough love and maybe those kids who chose to stay in bed or played video games rather than showing up should NOT graduate?

Darren said...

Count me in.