Sunday, April 11, 2021

Let There Be Light

Last night the bulb in one of my lamps burned out.  When I removed it, I found it was an old fluorescent bulb.  I didn't have any LED bulbs in the closet but I did find another fluorescent with which to replace it, but my visit to the closet informed me that I needed to get a couple new LED bulbs as spares.

So off to the store I went today, and LED bulbs were on my list.  A package of 4 wasn't ridiculously expensive, so that's what I bought.

I replaced the fluorescent bulb with an LED bulb, and then decided to check all the other lights in the house.  I know most of them already have LED bulbs, but it couldn't hurt to check.  I found a couple fluorescents and even an incandescent (over the stove), and by the time I got done I'd used up all 4 of the new bulbs and put a small fluorescent over the stove.  And now I have a few fluorescent bulbs in the closet in case I ever need one.  I even have a few incandescents in there!

I should retire in, at most, 7 years, and I'll move someplace less insane than California.  I guess I can take all those LED bulbs out of the fixtures when I leave and replace them with the fluorescents and incandescents in the closet.  Otherwise, what good are they?

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rclark said...

The LED bulbs will probably burn out. They don't last nearly as long as promised.