Tuesday, April 20, 2021

High School Students

I love working with high school students--but I'm going to tell you something about them that I'm not supposed to say out loud.

They're dumb as a box of hair.

Academically, they can be fine.  They can learn amazing amounts of information.  Their brains, however, won't be fully developed for up to 10 years.  They've just started paying attention to the world beyond their own noses.  They have no real world experience whatsoever.  They're clueless about such things.

That's partly why they're so easily swayed by the bad arguments of the left--because they haven't even heard the good arguments of the right.  That, and their emotions can be played on.  Oh, those emotions.

Several years ago we had a student do something exceedingly stupid.  A couple things, actually.  Hundreds of students got all bent out of shape about the consequences of these stupid acts and refused to go to class.  I didn't agree with how my principal handled the situation, but he handled it.  Had the students had access to the information we adults had, they'd have realized they were "protesting" for an idiot.  But they didn't, and we couldn't tell them because of the Privacy Act.  So they acted like fools and didn't even know it.  Probably still don't to this day.  But they were sincere!

All of this came to mind as I read this post from Instapundit:

VIRTUE SIGNALING SHOULD BE EXPENSIVE — INSTEAD OF WALKING OUT OF CLASS, THEY SHOULD HAVE TO WRITE A 3,000 WORD ESSAY: HS students stage walkout to protest racist Instagram threats … which turn out to be a hoax.

If you’re not willing to sacrifice to make a statement, you’re just a poser. And days off from school aren’t a sacrifice. And the school system won’t answer questions about the race of the hoaxer, which is pretty much an answer in itself.

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