Saturday, April 24, 2021

How I've Spent My Saturday Night

I don't even remember what I was watching on TV, but a couple hours ago I picked up the phone to look something up--I don't even remember what--on YouTube.  I clicked on one of the suggestions...

TwinsthenewTrend.  Two brothers listening to my music for the first time, and recording their reactions.  No critiques, but lots of commentary.

Time to put that seat belt on.

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Ellen K said...

I found these guys about a month ago. It IS really cool to see someone who can listen uncritically to different genres of music and actually APPRECIATE the musicality. I remember when growing up we listen to R&B, reggae, rock, country-even gospel. People listened to everything back in the day. That these young men are able to listen to ELO or Elton John or Earth Wind & Fire and not dismiss it out of hand. I started listening and their reactions were priceless.