Thursday, April 22, 2021


Being able to mouth the words provided by others isn't, to me, a sign of intelligence.  That's partly why I don't listen to actors' opinions on anything.  Here are more reasons why:

We’re days away from the 93rd Oscars ceremony, and we all know what that means.

  • Progressive lectures
  • A show that, in the best-case scenario, wraps up after three grueling hours
  • A new, new ratings low

There’s something else critical about Sunday’s star-studded event. We can expect certain topics to come up over and again, from former President Donald Trump to Black Lives Matter. The following causes, though, won’t get so much as a mention.


They’re inconvenient to the industry. Some reflect poorly on President Joe Biden. Others make Hollywood denizens look like hypocrites of the highest order. The causes reveal the ideological limitations of an industry that purports to be modern-day truth tellers but acts like a Democratic Super PAC.

It’s why the ratings should sink even lower than ever this time around. No Oscar prognosticators are suggesting anything else.

For now, let’s go over some worthwhile causes that will go unmentioned April 25, and why that shouldn’t be the case.


Ellen K said...

I used to enjoy movies. I took cinema history in college and wrote movie reviews. I still enjoy many older ones. But I haven't watched the Academy Awards in years. I did watch once briefly to see if "Loving Vincent" would win best animated film, but as is the norm now, they gave the award to Disney's "Coco" which other than having an Hispanic character showed no innovation or new technology. Even the red carpet has ceased being a fashion event and resembles a freak show. I hope all the advertisers got good deals b/c they won't get the kind of market penetration they hope with such poor ratings.

Ellen K said...

My husband just watched a news story on the Oscars. In every category his response was "just give it to the black guy" or just give it to the black lady" because in the end you know that's what will happen. I'm not saying these actors don't deserve the accolade, but that the degree of virtue signaling wokeness in Hollywood basically predetermines this outcome. So why even bother watching the Oscars or any of the movies?