Sunday, April 04, 2021

Not Where I Want To Work

Letting the inmates run the asylum is not a good idea.  Neither is letting children run schools or criminals run government--or letting criminals roam the halls of schools:

Legalize crime in schools? It’s on track to become a reality if Colorado’s SB-182 passes and is signed into law by Governor Jared Polis.

What are the intentions of this legislation?

“A school resource officer or other law enforcement officer shall not arrest a student of the school, or issue a summons, ticket, or other notice requiring the appearance of a student of the school in court or at a police station for investigation, for conduct that constitutes any of the following offenses allegedly committed on the school’s grounds, in a school vehicle, or at a school activity or sanctioned event.”

What are those offenses that a student cannot be disciplined or even arrested for as found in Section 6 of the bill?

Physically attacking staff or students

Disorderly conduct


Trespass or criminal trespass

Criminal mischief including vandalism 


Drugs and drug possession

Causing bodily injury that isn’t serious

Read the above again, out loud. Yes, it says exactly what you think it says. According to Leslie Herod, one of the supposed authors of the bill, this effort will end the school-to-prison pipeline and will ensure all disproportionate discrimination against blacks or hispanics will magically stop. 

“We introduced Senate Bill 182 in the Colorado General Assembly this year because school discipline does not have to only result in a punitive outcome like tickets and arrests. We believe schools need strong mental health services, trauma-informed approaches, and discipline codes that reflect age-appropriate discipline. Evidence-based inclusionary approaches to discipline like restorative justice programs can help students process disciplinary incidents and develop the tools they need to help ensure that infractions don’t happen again as they did for us. Kids need to be kids, they need to make mistakes and have the room to learn from those mistakes without jeopardizing their entire future.”

Gosh. That sounds wonderful doesn’t it?? Discrimination will stop, as will any violence in schools. Teen gangs will keep all mischief and violence off school grounds, and once a student has had counseling, no more bullying or drugs! This will stop the epidemic!!

You can't be merely stupid to believe in legislation like this.  You have to be willfully stupid at a minimum, perhaps even malicious.


Mike43 said...

There was an experiment in one of the school districts where "high valued" teachers were given an extra 20,000 to teach in poor performing schools.
Almost 100% quit after one year.

Point being, for teachers (and other school staff), school climate is an important part of retention. You can tell the "tough" schools by the relative length of staff tenure.

So, I'm guessing that these folks are not too concerned about staffing. It's the only reasonable answer.

Mike43 said...

One school district paid highly qualified teachers bonuses of up to $20,000 to agree to teach in low performing schools. They pretty much quit after one year.

Point is that teachers and other school staff are not motivated by money. They are more motivated by the school environment, and if it's bad, they'll just re-locate.

So, go ahead. I see severe qualified teacher shortages in their future. And remember, there's already more certified teachers out of teaching, than are practicing teachers.