Sunday, November 02, 2014

Your Vote Counts!

When I ask for your input, I take it!  It may take me awhile but eventually I'll get there.

Last spring I asked for input regarding which of my pictures I should have printed to hang in what was soon to be my son's former room (now a guest room).  I tallied the votes from both here and Facebook and announced the winners in May.

A cruise ship purchase in August, though, necessitated a shift in where everything would be hung.  As of a few minutes ago, everything is now up in its new place.

Instead of canvas, Bodie and Dubrovnik are printed on aluminum (and look much better in person than they do below) and are now hanging in my dining room along with a picture of the Rialto Bridge in Venice:

The 3-panel beach scene mentioned at the second link above is, in fact, hanging above my couch in the living room. And my cruise ship purchase replaced the Rialto above the fireplace.  In the guest room I now have framed prints of Paris, New York (pre-9/11), and Florence, all of which used to be in the front of the house.

I like the new look and thank everyone for your votes!

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