Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I Can Sleep Well Tonight

There was talk that the Republicans might not retake the Senate until December, after a couple run-off elections.  That the Senate has already been called tonight before I go to bed is good news indeed.

Is it wavy enough for you yet?  :-)

Of the 4 elections I really wanted to go Republicans' way, 3 of them already have:  Thom Tillis in North Carolina, Governor Walker in Wisconsin, and (Colonel) Joni Ernst in Iowa.  Mia Love is still behind in Utah.  The race for my own congressman is split 50-50 as I type this.

I hear the Carter family guy in Georgia lost, as did Clay Aiken.  Al Franken somehow won reelection; perhaps that's karma for Roberts' winning in Kansas.  Governors Haley, Sandoval, and Martinez all won handily, although prognosticators I saw today had Republicans with a net loss of a couple governorships.  Scott in Florida looks to hold on. 

The only race in California worth watching, that for Superintendent of Public Instruction, looks to stay with the unions' bought-and-paid-for man even though just about every major paper in the state recommended the challenger.  Well, that happens when you live in a one-party state.  I can't cry over California, we're a lost cause.  In education parlance, I'm willing to leave this child behind to save the rest of the class.

And the class appears to be doing fine.

Update, 11/5/14:  Mia Love wins! (I was rooting for her two years ago, too.)  The race for my own congressman is still too close to call.


Auntie Ann said...

The governorships were interesting. The GOP traded PN for AK, then picked up Democratic strongholds in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Illinois. All the states around Lake Michigan--usually union strongholds--have Republican governors now. Minnesota and Missouri's governors are looking pretty lonely and friendless in the upper mid-west.

Mike Thiac said...

The good news, Mia Love in by a nose. 64,390/50.04%

The better news, Harry Reid is on his way out.

The shitty news, his replacement sucks only slightly less than him.

Darren said...

How well did that so-called War on Women play out? :-)

Auntie Ann said...

Wendy Davis lost the *women's* vote....and the men's vote...and the Hispanic vote...and her senate seat went to a Republican. Hee.

No Texas Democrat won a state-wide seat.

Sandra Fluke got creamed in an all-Dem election. Even Dems were telling her to go away.

We also get some glorious Republicans in Washington: Love, Stefanic, etc.

Being from WI, I'm happy tonight. Walker wins by 5% in his third election in 4 years.

To add to the fun, there might be Angus King (Independent) voting with the Republicans, and rumors of Sen. Manchin switching parties have been swirling for years.

pseudotsuga said...

Sheesh Wisconsin--how many times do you have to keep voting for your governor? Every YEAR?! Oh, wait--he has an R beside his name. If he proudly wore a D then the Wisconsin machine would be trying everything they could do to prevent yet another vote.