Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Concert Pics


maxutils said...

And, that is exactly where I like to sit. I really wish I'd gone … but with McVie always being iffy, and the sound quality at ARCO (yes, it will always be ARCO) being sketchy, and the price …just couldn't. Glad it was a great show for a true Macsimist. Opening with "The Chain" is brilliant; way to easy to start with, say, "Go Your Own Way" or "Don't Stop" … and it's nice to see that they still realize what a complete showstopper "I'm So Afraid" is, despite never being a hit of any sort. Easily my all time favorite Mac song…and definitely on my bucket list.

Darren said...

I love it when Christine plays an accordion for Tusk! And they played my theme song, I Know I'm Not Wrong :-)

They played Sisters of the Moon, how awesome is that?!

Usually, Go Your Own Way is the closer or one of the encores.