Thursday, November 20, 2014

Took Test #4 Today

The current class I'm taking is Discrete Optimization, and I'm probably enjoying this particular course more than I've ever joined any other math class.  I love the topic--but there's so much to learn!

I turned the test in today highly confident of a great grade.  It just occurred to me a few minutes ago, though, that one answer will probably get dinged because I wasn't detailed enough.  The lack of detail was "duh!", but it's still important to justify the rest of what I wrote.  If I were grading it I'd take points off; under pressure of a test, though, it just didn't occur to me to include that simple but important information.

Each test I've taken in this course my grade has gone down; I was on track to get 90% on this one.  Right now I'm thinking that I'll be satisfied if I merely beat that.


Darren said...

Holy crap. 84%.

PeggyU said...

How many more to go?

Darren said...

One more test, and the final.

PeggyU said...

Final should be better then, if it is comprehensive. :)