Saturday, November 01, 2014

Republican War on Women? I Got Your "War on Women" Right Here

Kinda goes along with what I said here, doesn't it?

When you call a governor a whore just because you disagree with her politically, you're despicable.  How would that have gone over if a Republican had done that?  It would've been the top story on every network news broadcast for a week.

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Ellen K said...

In the meantime, liberal darling Lena Dunham publishes a book where she graphically details how she molested her little sister. I'm not sure if this is a cry for help or from a need to get it off her chest, but the stories were from her book and now Dunham is upset that everyone else doesn't view her action through her liberal lens. I personally believe ALL abusers regardless of political views should be prosecuted if possible and condemned. Stephen Collins' show 7th Heaven was pulled from syndication after the stories of his molesting young girls were revealed. But as long as you are liberal, like Roman Polanski and now Lena Dunham, you're allowed all kinds of debauchery under the name of art or "being a weird seven year old." If my kid had acted out in that fashion, I would be looking around to see who had been molesting her. As it is, the publication of this book by someone who claims to be "the voice of her generation" and a proud feminist who equated voting for Obama with losing her virginity demonstrates how tone deaf liberals are on what is mainstream in this country.