Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Best and Brightest

I used to have a friend who was very bright, one of the top two or three people I've known.  Because of that, though, he had a certain snobbery about the general public, and believed that "smart" people should run government, and if "smart" people ran government we'd have good government and a good society.  Essentially, he was of the paternalistic "we (smart people) know better what's good for you" mold.  Didn't Kennedy and Johnson and McNamara have something to say about "the best and brightest", and if so, what do they have to show for it?

It was the historical "best and brightest" I was thinking about when I read this opinion piece from the Boston Herald (all boldface mine):
So here’s this geeky nerd, overeducated, greedy, pompous, thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room while simultaneously engineering a public-policy disaster of the first magnitude — and not only is he from Massachusetts, he’s from Cambridge.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Why is it that Massachusetts produces so many of these “pointedy-headed intellectuals who can’t park a bicycle straight,” as the late Democrat George C. Wallace used to say?

Do you realize that every last one of the many disasters that has befallen this nation in the last half-century can be traced right back here to the banks of the Charles River?

C’mon down, Jonathan Gruber, economics professor at MIT. He’s the moonbat who, after engineering the ongoing fiasco that is Obamacare, then took a nationwide victory lap in which he repeatedly described the American people as “too stupid” to realize the Democrats were destroying their health care.

Maybe he’s right about our stupidity. After all, he cashed in $392,000 worth of federal no-bid contracts to wreck the best health care system in the world, plus another $1.6 million or so in various state wrecking-ball contracts.

This goober, I mean Gruber, now says that when he sneered about how stupid Americans are, he made a mistake. Oddly, he made the same “mistake” five times (and counting). When you say something publicly five times, it’s part of your stump speech.

The Unaffordable Care Act — from the same Beautiful People who gave you Vietnam, the War on Poverty, the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, global warming, SSI, busing, gay marriage and gender reassignment.
This is why I'm a conservative who believes in "governing best by governing least".


W.R. Chandler said...

Seriously, how did Massachusetts devolve from being the cradle of the American Revolution to the clipped-nuts, disarmed, socialist dystopian basket case with which our country is cursed today?

Anonymous said...

Great question Mr or Ms Chandler very great question indeed.