Saturday, November 01, 2014

ThIs Is Why Bill Maher Is Bats**t Insane

He actually believes this:
“And, in a country where the Democratic party has sold out to the center, and even the right, this is what is needed – this is why I wanted to accept this invitation. And invited ME because it was 50th anniversary of something that is legendary on that campus: the Berkley free speech movement. I guess they don’t teach irony in college any more,” he added.
The Democratic party has sold its soul to the far left, idiot.

The center wants our border with Mexico secured.
The center and right don't want Obamacare, which was passed without a single Republican vote in either house of Congress.
It's not right-wing jingoism (a favorite bugaboo of lefties) that's causing Americans to view our (lack of) foreign policy as a disaster.
The center and right don't support Common Core, which was foisted upon the states by Obama's Education Department via Race To The Top.
The center and right aren't the ones screeching for stricter gun laws, supported by less than half the country.
The center and right want the Keystone Pipeline built.

Where, one might ask, is the Democratic party in sync with even the center?  I might agree with Maher regarding crony capitalism--Obama's not called President Goldman Sachs for nothing--but other than that, where is the Democratic party selling out to the center and right?  Heck, Harry Reid implemented what used to be derided as the "nuclear option" and now runs the Senate essentially by fiat.

But let's keep going.

It's not the center and right who circled the wagons around the DOJ's Fast and Furious scandal; the VA treatment scandal; the IRS politicization scandal, the handling (or lack thereof) of the ebola issue; the existence of Eric Holder in a department called "justice"; the cynical, blood-libeling, and made up War on Women--which other ones am I missing?

And note that I'm sticking with real scandals, scandals that affect the validity of the Republic, not silly things like the Secret Service hooker scandal.

I repeat--where is the Democratic party in sync with even the center?  On what issues have they "sold out" to the center and right?

Maher's an idiot.  That he has any following at all is scary to thinking people.

Update, 11/2/14:  How are we doing on reducing the federal deficit?  It's pretty hard to do when you never have to sign a federal budget!  Was the center and right screaming for the 2009 porkulus package with all it's not-quite-shovel-ready jobs?


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maxutils said...

Honestly, I don't think it's an unfair characterization. I really sided with Bill, when he used to be a real Libertarian … but I will admit -- he's turned into a caricature of himself. That said? I don't get the feeling that either the Rs or the Ds have any sense of purpose -- both parties just say whatever they think their constituents want to hear. I'd actually like to have a party that didn't treat me like I was a moron and/or didn't try to subject me to moral judgement … If only … oh. Wait. Libertarians do exactly that.