Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yet Another Reason Not To Want Socialized Medicine

The first paragraph describes what TriCare is. The rest of the article explains why this particular doctor stopped treating TriCare patients--in short, because the system sucked so bad that even Medicare and Medicaid were easier to work with, and that's saying a lot.

Go read his (short) story, and see the face of government-run health care.


Ellen K said...

I don't understand how people can continue to push for single payer medical care, when they see how the VA hospitals and Medicare have botched the job. It should make people shudder. But instead some folks think they will get this for free. I would love someone to put a price tag on what this type of care would cost the average income earner.

Anonymous said...

Geez Ellen, you answer your own question, at least in part.

One of the reasons lefties like socialized medicine is the illusion that it's free. That's also the selling point to people who don't share their political viewpoint or, indeed, any particular political viewpoint.