Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Links O'Plenty

1. A high school student says he may file a lawsuit against a physical education teacher who took a Mexican flag he had brought for Cinco de Mayo and put it in the garbage.

2. An Iowa teen is graduating from college just one week after graduating from high school. Mattias Gassman, 18, will graduate summa cum laude with two bachelors' degrees from Iowa State University on Saturday. He majored in biophysics, German and classical studies.

3. A principal banned a gay (actually, lesbian) student from a prom, claiming fears of violence, and raised the ire of the American Civil Liberties Union.

4. Ten Tulane University fraternity members faced felony charges Wednesday and the school suspended Pi Kappa Alpha following accusations that the group burned pledges with hot water and pepper spray during a "hell night" initiation.

5. Grant school district administrators haven't been paid roughly $2 million in buyouts their school board approved in March because the county superintendent thinks the payments are illegal and won't issue the checks. In an effort to compel county Superintendent David Gordon to cut checks for the 12 administrators participating in the buyout plan, the Grant Joint Union High School District and four top managers have sued Gordon and the Sacramento County Office of Education.


Anonymous said...

for story two:

how the hell did he get into college without a high school diploma?

Darren said...

Go read the linked story! It's in there.

Anonymous said...

"Gassman's parents home-schooled him .."

Ah ha! No doubt his social skills are non-existent due to his isolation from the beneficial, socializing effects of the public school culture.

Anonymous said...

1) Hope the kids sues, wins and wins big. A teacher has no right to bin private property of a child. I dont believe for a minute that there was nowhere else it could be placed. I call "liar liar, pants on fire" on the teacher and wish the kid luck.

2) Well done! Nice work!

3) Nice work ACLU, spank that school and spank it hard. If someone threatens violence, you ban the kid threatening violence. If you are just generally afraid of violence and that you won't be able to prevent it, then you have no business running such an event. What you DONT do is ban a kid who is doing nothing wrong.

4) One more reason I am glad we dont have frats in the UK. That just sounds utterly stupid, let alone massively dangerous.

5) Too complimicated for me! But in the end, the taxpayer gets screwed no matter what happens!

Ellen K said...

1. Dumb move on the part of the teacher. Hispanic students have been highly politicized in the past two years. But the fact that this is becoming an issue in Idaho shows that people nationally are fed up. They had huge celebrations in Texas schools for Cinco de Mayo-a Mexican holiday, but not even a mention of San Jacinto Day-April 21-celebrating the victory of the ragtag Texian army against the much larger forces of Santa Anna.
2. Amazing.
3. Antoher dumb act. If you are enforcing dress code and making sure no nasty dancing goes on, what is the harm? Girls dance together at every dance I have chaperoned. Monitor the dancing more and worry less about what goes on outside of school.
4. It's time to get Greeks out of college. SDSU just suspended six frats for major marketing of drugs. In my area, several instances of rape, drug overdose, robbery and murder are directly linked to the partying that goes on in the Greek system. Hey, three frats are off campus due to MIP and drugs from the school my kids attend. It's just too prevalent and it needs to go away.
5. I think someone, anyone, needs to demand a public audit of this district's books. There's something not right. I would even say that the RICO laws might apply.

Ellen K said...

Oh and BTW-I noticed that the kid who graduated from high school and college the same week was an extremely premature baby. In fact, as I recall, he was a 25 week baby. Now if that doesn't give someone pause when supporting late term abortions, I don't know what will.

Darren said...

That hadn't occurred to me at all. Thanks.