Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today our school's PTSA had a lunch catered for us in honor of California's Teacher Appreciation Day.

As good as it was, it's not just the food. Or the raffle prizes (I won a Subway gift card). Or the gifts (truffles!).

What truly makes it special is the generosity of spirit that would even contemplate such a lunch. It's the parents who decorated the tables, who organized and served the food, who went to so many places to buy the gifts and raffle prizes, who offered their words of thanks, who cleaned up afterward--they're who make the lunch so special.

And let's not forget our school administrators, who lengthened lunch for us by several minutes so we wouldn't have to rush ourselves so much.

Thank you.


Ellen K said...

We had ours last week and the PTSA went above and beyond. We had breakfast one day, lunch another and desserts. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Davis, thank you for the kind words on the luncheon. I'm one of the five who has chaired it the past few years and the one who came up to you at the end expressing thanks for inspiring my daughter (H) to try hard in your class. She reminded me after that you're also the "very, very
Republican" teacher she had mentioned. If I had realized that when I put the teacher gift boxes together, I would have left you the truffles you enjoyed, but for sure taken out the kisses at the bottom! Haha.:)

gbradley said...

Thanks for that comment.
Angela was in charge of the luncheon at the kids Elementary School last week. I know that it was a lot of work, but she enjoyed doing it. I read your comment to her and she appreciates it. She also thinks that the raffle is a great idea.