Friday, May 30, 2008

Former Students

Two former students came to visit today. They're both Obamaniacs, but I think the world of them anyway.

This is one of the fun parts of the year, since most colleges and universities let out before we do and our alumni will come and let us know how well they're doing.


Fritz J. said...

I've never found it necessary to agree with someone on everything to be friends with him. However, that doesn't stop me from remembering the words of a lovely elderly lady who told me (with eyes twinkling) that she had some friends who were Democrats and they were very nice people, but they were wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hey -- I married a Democrat. I figure if that is her biggest character flaw, I can hack it with her for four or five decades. :)

And Darren, I've got a real treat coming up this fall at the school I'm moving to (just across the district) -- the other new teacher in my new department will be a former student of mine (one of my favorites)! Plus another former student is married to one of the other teachers in my new department (her father-in-law also teaches in the department, too).

Guess I'll really be seeing how those two are doing.

Anonymous said...

aww thanks mr miller

Darren said...

As Han Solo told Luke in Star Wars: Don't get cocky, kid!