Thursday, May 15, 2008

No Prom For Stags?

It's a private girls school, but still.

I admit, I can't understand why a student would want to attend junior prom without a date, but I see no reason to prohibit them from doing so.

What's worse, seniors can attend their prom without dates.

What kind of idiot is this principal?


Anonymous said...

This rule would lead to a whole mess of problems and what ifs. For example what if you had a date for Junior Prom but by a series of unfortunate events you fell ill to.... chicken pox and you couldnt attend. Would the school allow your date to go or would they keep her/him from attending because you unfortunatly couldn't attend?

Anonymous said...

Is "dating" that important in USA? It isn't here. We are coming to prom season, and the whole idea that you must have someone to go with doesnt seem to apply. At my school, groups of girls are going together and groups of boys are. Those who are dating are planning to meet up at the prom, but those that are not dating will just be with their mates.

Anonymous said...

I went to my prom without a date both my junior ans senior years of high school. Junior year, I went with a group of five or six female friends. Senior year, I went with a mixed group of friends, in which all of the girls but one were dressed as pirates. (We asked permission ahead of time, to make sure we wouldn't be thrown out for violating the dress code.)

Ellen K said...

My kids all went with dates, but also as part of a larger group. In fact last year, my youngest went with a group of twenty kids who hired a "party bus". The moms made them a dinner which was served by the pool at one of the parents' homes. The school PTSA supports an after party with door prizes to fight the harder partying that goes on in motel rooms and at unsupervised parties. They had a blast, eating at Waffle House at six a.m. and genuinely enjoying a pleasant night together-not the sordid image of media fame. The only reason I can see that this was passed was maybe to avoid the idea of any girl/girl couple issues.