Monday, May 26, 2008

Hooking Up At College

You mean, they're not all sex-crazed demons?

Perhaps counterintuitively, what Freitas finds is that a majority of students–irrespective of their attending public, private, secular or non-secular schools–are actually dismayed over the across the board highly sexually charged atmosphere on most college campuses.



Ellen K said...

If you want an eye-opening idea of what some college students do while they are on campus, don't talk to the student leaders or the tour guides, talk to the RA's. The are the infantry level in this situation. They handle everything from drug overdoses to assault to suicide attempts and on top of that they often are charged with creating homey type gatherings for students. Some students are fine-these are kids who have been raised to make decisions based on consequences. They know Mommy and Daddy won't help them at college. The problem children are the ones who have been rescued from every downfall real or imagined by their parents. And like it or not, the Greek system shares a great deal of the blame. Perfectly nice kids go into groups where the peer pressure to conform is overwhelming. Just look at the stats for eating disorders in sororities and the number of binge drinking cases associated with such groups and you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

the Valtrex ad I saw on tv last night sez that one in five American adults has genital herpes. Our Christian nation. College must be a major contributor.