Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good Morning, Comrade!

That greeting may soon take place in California's schools if a bill winding its way through the state legislature becomes law:

The California Senate on Thursday passed legislation that would delete membership in the Communist Party as a reason for firing a public employee, a Cold War-era prohibition intended to root out communists.

I can offer provisional support for this bill because it contains a provision I've long argued:

The bill, he said, would "still allow employees to be fired for any activity to overthrow the state or federal government."

I would go further and include advocating for the overthrow of the state and federal government as a firing offense, but this is a good start.

Loyalty oaths would still be required because that requirement is included in the state constitution, which cannot be amended by simply passing a law. Additionally, the linked article does not address Education Code Section 51530 that prohibits teaching (in public schools) that seeks to advocate for, or instill in the mind of the student a preference for, communism. I would like that law to remain in force.

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