Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

I was there today. To say it was amazing, fantastic, or awe-inspiring would be to minimize its impact to the point of triviality. Yet it was humbling and elevating, at the same time.

I'll post pictures when I get home tomorrow.

One thought kept running through my head the whole time I was there--we could sure use a man like him now, in this election.

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Mrs. Bluebird said...

Last time I was in California visiting Mom, we made the trek up to the Reagan Library from San Diego.


What a stunning, awe-inspiring place. I have a postcard of his gravesite on the wall behind my desk, mainly for the quote that is on the wall behind the tomb. I can't remember what it says word for word right now, but it's a good motivator for me as a teacher.

I wish we had another like him as well.