Monday, April 28, 2008

The Worst Kind of Cheating

Via EIA (see blogroll) comes this story from Georgia:

A Coffee County High School substitute teacher has been arrested in what police say appears to be a scheme to bilk money from students promised a trip to Disney World.

Police charged 39-year-old Christy Wise with theft by conversion after they say she collected more than $7,400 from students for their senior trip but never booked the reservations.

It just gets worse from there.

Nearly 50 students toting suitcases and bags lined up outside Coffee County High on Friday waiting to start their vacation, but the bus never came and Wise never showed up.

It takes a special kind of horrible to do that.


Mrs. Bluebird said...

Because you win the prize for the blog I send links to all the time to my hubby and friends saying "you must read this!", I've tagged you for a meme...

Darren said...

The good news: I did that one over the weekend. The bad news: I don't drink beer; would root beer be OK?

(If you don't understand, scroll down to the bottom of Mrs. Bluebird's post)

Mr. W said...

sounds like an episode of Saved by the Bell.

Mrs. C said...

What a nasty lady. I hope she does some prison time and the school is able to discuss the reason she was terminated to potential employers in the future.

Ellen K said...

That kind of thing happens more often than you would believe. I know that my kids' elementary school sold giftwrap. The rep for the company used the money to buy drugs and then skipped the state. So the PTSA had to reimburse angry purchasers leading them to cut critical purchases of support material. That happened twelve years ago. That's why districts like to vet companies that do business with schools. Fundraisers and class trips are especially susceptible to this kind of criminal.