Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Talk About An Ivory Tower

Via Instapundit we learn about a Dartmouth professor who is suing her students because she didn't like their end-of-course evaluations.


Ellen K said...

While it is definitely dicey to ask for end of course reviews, there have only been a few vindictive kids that bothered to attack me personally. Those were balanced out by kids who offered insight and genuine suggestions to improve the class. Some I have used, others (like not grading until the end of the term) I did not. But at the university level, if she isn't competent enough to get at least half the students to give a valid review, then she's not effective and needs to be removed. And that would be true if she were a man, white and middle aged as well.

allen (in Michigan) said...

I think this opens up exciting new possibilities for public education.

Rather then simply complain about unmotivated kids, bring them up on criminal charges. After all, aren't they misusing tax money?

A couple of years in the slam ought to straighten out their priorities.