Saturday, April 19, 2008


One of the joys of being a teacher is the opportunity to meet so many kind and generous people. Last Christmas my son and I were invited to the home of one of my former students, a gesture of kindness I wrote about here. Last night I participated in a Seder with the friends and family of one of my students.

History, ritual, stories--it's an honor to share such a celebration. I'm moved by the open-heartedness of a family that would allow me to do so.

As an aside, Jews as a group in this country tend to vote Democratic--and this gathering was no exception. They had been told beforehand that I'm somewhat conservative--that's no secret at school--and when that subject was broached, I volunteered that I'd promised my student that I'd "behave" that evening. The only political statement of the evening was a joke directed to me, when another guest asked if I was "bitter". We all laughed, and that was when I learned that while my host was an Obama supporter, there were plenty of Clinton supporters there, too. Oh, the fun I could have had!


Anonymous said...

You should have asked the Obama-supporting Jews how they could support a candidate who has a Jew-hating preacher, not to mention a candidate who would sell out Israel to the Islamists as soon as he possibly could.


Darren said...

Passover, at which I was a guest, didn't strike me as the appropriate time or place to ask such questions.

I'm often curious, though, why Jews vote overwhelmingly Democrat in this country when the Democrats would just as soon sell Israel down the river--or give it to the Palestinians, whichever comes first.

Yes, Senator Clinton has talked tough about what she'd do as CinC IF the Iranians nuked Israel. Bit late to act then, though, isn't it?