Monday, April 07, 2008

The Imperial Presidency

This is so good that I'm going to repeat the entire Instapundit snippet:

UNPRECEDENTED EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY -- Bad when it's used to fight terrorists, but good when it's used to fight "global warming!"

That's the idea behind a new study from a team of researchers at the University of Colorado law school, who worked full time for nearly six months on a project that could help the next U.S. president make sweeping climate-change policies -- fast. The new report probes the edges of executive orders and lays out the authority the next president could use to introduce global-warming policies without waiting for legislation to wind its way through the notoriously slow congressional machine.

"Given the extreme importance of climate change, this is a way for the next president to be able to take rapid action," said Kevin Doran, a researcher at CU's Center for Energy and Environmental Security. . . .

The report is part of a larger project, the Presidential Climate Action Project, which has created "a bold, comprehensive and non-partisan plan for presidential leadership rooted in climate science," according to its Web site, www.climateactionproject .com.

Guess the days of worrying about the imperial presidency have come to an end.
Must be an election coming up, or something.


Chrisknits said...

How can Climate Change be non-partisan. Isn't it the left that is pushing this issue? Don't tell me the right have begun to believe this mockery of science.

Darren said...

You missed the point--the Imperial Presidency is bad when President Bush exercises it, but if a Democrat is elected in November and uses such power to fight global warming, then that's great! (in the eyes of the lefties, of course)

Fritz J. said...

Ah but Darren, you don't understand. Of course an imperial presidency will be great when Democrats are in control because their hearts are in the right place. Just listen to them. They keep telling us what mean people those evil Republicans are and how the Democrats are so much better because they feel our pain. Always remember that the Democrats are only doing it because they want to protect the children and think everyone else is tying to kill them. I probably should now say that I'm turning the sarcasm off, but that shouldn't be necessary.