Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Europe Turns To Coal

I thought coal was bad for the environment and caused global warming?


Ellen K said...

So here's the New Plan, we mine our very rich stores of coal, sell it an an exorbitant rate to the EU, take the money, buy oil and give Al Gore a retirement party.

Lord Holdhurst said...

I think that the key words in this story have to be "aversion to nuclear energy." I wonder if there is something that scientists won't tell us that has got them wetting themselves over relying on nuclear energy.

I don't remember Chernobyl (because I wasn't born) but come on, that was the USSR, of course they were going to mess that up.

allen (from Michigan) said...

Might just be the intersection of politics and economics.

Coal plants are cheap and quick to set up compared to fission plants. When you look at the demand curve the Greens have a choice between nuclear and coal but not a choice for neither. So coal, which they hate, is cheap and quick to deploy and nuclear, which they hate desperately, is more expensive and time-consuming to install.

Coal it is.

By the way, Instapundit's wrong about nano-solar. It runs into the same problem as solar of any kind - the need for simply stupendous energy storage capacity.