Sunday, April 29, 2007

Global Cooling On Its Way Back?

William Gray, the Colorado State researcher best-known for his hurricane forecasts, today predicted the Return of Global Cooling.

Gray said warming and cooling trends cannot go on indefinitely and that he believes temperatures are beginning to level out after a very warm year in 1998.

“We’re going to begin to see some cooling,” he said.


I'm sure the Goracle will find some way to spin this so that he can continue to believe he's relevant on the world stage.

Update, 4/30/07: Uh oh! The polar ice caps are melting! That's proof of man-caused global warming!

Except that there are no men, no SUV's, no burning of fossil fuels, on Mars.


Eric W. said...

Maybe there'll be some liquid water for us once we get there in a few years. That is, if our astronauts can survive the sexual starvation

Darren said...

There's a reason why, on the old tv show Lost In Space, that a husband and wife were sent on the Jupiter Mission.

Ellen K said...

But what about the robot?