Friday, April 27, 2007

Time Capsule Yields Unexpected Trove

Apparently the time capsule wasn't sealed very well.

SEATTLE — There were a few surprises for the University of Washington's Class of 1957 when they opened a time capsule sealed 50 years ago.

Among audiotapes and copies of the yearbook and school newspaper were 1980s-era porn, a condom and some dirty underwear.

A time capsule containing some of today's rap music would be just as pornographic.


Anonymous said...

"A time capsule containing some of today's rap music would be just as pornographic."

i agree....but then again, that type of "music" is 95% of the only crap played at dances, or any school sponsored event now that i think about it. it's considered "appropriate" as long as the curse words are censored out, but they leave the message in there still.

and now that i think about it...we're REQUIRED to read books, some of them based on sexual activity (such as "Brave New World"...this book is focused around a society that is focused on sexual activity and sharing as much partners as possible)....but then again, we can't watch movies that even talk about sex, and they dont want us listening to music that talks about sex...and then again, many literary experts say that books have the greatest impact on society, not music. So, we forced to read books with curse words and sexual activity, but we can't listen to music or watch movies with the same content....

...i can't really say this is a doublt standard, i just think it's funny.

Darren said...

It's as much how it's said as what's said.