Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where's The Muse?

It's clear that I recently haven't posted as much as I used to--and, coincidentally or not, my daily page views have dropped off significantly from where they were a month ago.

However, right now I don't have much to say, and I don't see any reason to say something just to have something new to post. I'm not even finding significant enough stories in the news to link to!

So I haven't gone anywhere and nothing is amiss. I'm merely waiting until my muse returns so that I don't post rubbish.


Anonymous said...

I've always been of the mindset to not 'push' the post just to pad your post count. It will all come to you at some point and then it will flow like a nice river.

Ellen K said...

It's that time of year. Normal people don't sit at their computers typing away when Spring is in the air. It just proves that you are normal. Go-enjoy-there is life beyond the internet (Apologies to Al Gore....)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Miller normal ????????????

Just kidding

Hey thanks for telling me I was doing the wrong problems on the quiz. I was staring at the other problems like a sporto.

Anonymous said...

I/m happy to see a quality post 3-4 times per week, rather than a daily post with less quality.

Keep up the good work.

FYI, I was Assistant Superintendent of the Okeechobee, Florida school district for the past 20 years... just a retired blogger this year. I hated to see you drink the kool-aid on intent of GSA's, but interested in your thoughts. I have outlined some background on the situation and hope to have it ready this week. I'll send it to you.