Thursday, April 05, 2007

There's A Problem With This?

AMANDA, Ohio (AP) -- A substitute teacher's tool for silencing chatty kindergartners -- clothespins -- doesn't wash with school officials.

Four boys said spring-type clothespins were placed over their upper or lower lips for talking too much in class, Amanda-Clearcreek Primary School principal Mike Johnsen wrote in a letter to parents this week.

Ruth Ann Stoneburner, a retired school nurse who had worked as a substitute for several years, confirmed to Johnsen that she had used the clothespin discipline March 26, he said.

My question: was it effective? =)



KauaiMark said...

Compare the punishment of this:
"Stoneburner will not work again in the Amanda-Clearcreek district

With this:
"...principal who pleaded guilty to throwing human excrement at a 12-year-old boy...It's quite possible she'll end up back in her old position," said Grant Bowers, a lawyer for the Toronto District....Maria Pantalone, 49, a sister of Toronto's deputy mayor"

Darren said...

Those wacky Canadians.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Is there a reason that the superintendent was named Dick?

Duez said...

you have got to be kidding. if someone did that to my kid... i would be hunting down that teacher and doing it to them!

Darren said...

I'm not quite sure how I'd react. I know my very first instinct would be to tell my son, "You shouldn't be talking in class." Anything after that? Hard to say.

NYC Educator said...

I've managed to deal with many,many talkative kids without resorting to that, so I agree with 40. But if I were going to go that route, I'd go with the whole leather mask and chains and everything. Here in NY, we find the whole clothespin thing a little tacky.

Darren said...

NYC Educator, who knew you were so kinky? =)