Monday, April 02, 2007

Cut and Run In Iraq

Will either get called on his blatant hypocrisy? Of course not. They're media darlings at the moment. They're anti-Bush.


Anonymous said...

But Darren you forget to mention that I'm sure the polling data they use to formulate their opinions on a daily basis must have changed! That's the only thing I've been able to come up with that would explain how the Dems can consistently change their stance on the same topic on several occasions and get away with it.

Angela said...

At the moment I do NOT understand Mr. Chuckie Poo.

EdWonk said...

After 4 years of war, (Some would say with one hand tied behind our backs.) could it really be called "cutting and running?"

As history has taught us, "if your going to fight a war, fight it well...)

We haven't been fighting this one well.

Law and Order Teacher said...

As usual, the media gives a pass to those who have sipped the Kool-aid, regardless of their past statements. Chuck Hagel is a darling of the media because he is against the war (now)and they admire the fact that he will criticize his own party. Somehow this makes him someone who is suddenly important to the media. Before, his epiphany no one ever heard of him. Biden is the master of saying what will get him attention. Included is plagarizing speeches. Somehow I think that if one were to prick Biden with a pin he would set the record for a trip around the world.