Monday, April 02, 2007

Captured British Sailors

This story's well over a week old, and still those sailors are being paraded around on tv, gleefully announcing their apologies and confessions. Where is the so-called human rights community, up in arms over what is clearly, without doubt, a violation of the Geneva Conventions regarding people who are clearly, without a doubt, covered by those conventions?

Here are two links showing the hypocrisy that the silence of the so-called human rights community highlights.

Update, 4/4/07:

What is disturbing about the Iranian piracy is that it establishes a warning of what we can come to expect when Iran is nuclear, and how organizations like the UN, the EU, and NATO will react. If a few Iranian terrorists in boats can paralyze an entire nation and the above agencies, think what a half-dozen Iranian nukes will do. This was the hour of Europe to step forward and show the world what it can do with sanctions, embargoes, and boycotts, and how such soft power is as effective as gunboats—and it is passing.



EdWonk said...

As was the case when the US (under President Carter) stood by helplessly while hooligans seized our hostages, the British are being tested.

And are flunking.

When a third-rate military power such as Iran humiliates a larger power (such as Britain or the U.S.) the only productive response is an effective (if limited) military response that can (and should) be escalated should anything happen to the hostages or their release is not immediate.

For nearly thirty years, the world has been kissing the mullahs' collective behinds, and now it's the turn of the British.

The Islamofascists should be squashed like the bugs that they are.

Mrs. Bluebird said...

The problem is the British hostages are, for the most part, fair-skinned, blue-eyed and blonde. The so-called human rights community doesn't give a damn about anyone that looks like that!

Anonymous said...

I would like to believe that President Bush is merely waiting for sufficiently provocative intelligence or overt acts on the part of the Iranians--you know, more provocative than say, providing weapons to kill our soldiers and directly supporting terrorists the world over who have killed and will be delighted to kill innocent Americans and the allies of America--before really nailing them in such a way that they have no doubt whatsoever that America will reduce their excuse for a country to a glowing patch of radioactive sand if necessary. But I guess I'm beginning to lose hope. After all, when one considers the catalog of Iranian depradations to date, what more could they do, short of making actual mushroom clouds over our major cities, to provoke us?

Sadly, the only thing that makes this state of affairs remotely bearable is the sure knowledge that the Dems would be orders of magnitude more feckless.