Friday, December 23, 2005

Religious Jokes

I think I mentioned it before, but some of my favorite jokes are religious and racial jokes (Richard Pryor, RIP). That's not because I'm a racist or religionist or any other -ist, but because it's ok to recognize differences, even laugh about them, and not get our panties in a bunch about them.

We opened gifts a little early at my dad's house, and among my gifts was the now-traditional Page-A-Day calendar. I love using those tear-off pages for notes--makes me feel like I'm not wasting paper! Anyway, 2006's is a Jon Stewart calendar (hey Ronnie, isn't it ironic, don't'cha think?). I don't have cable so I seldom get to see Stewart's show, but I know him to be as much a leftie as he is witty! So I turned in the calendar to see what day of the year my birthday falls on (it's Tuesday), and lo and behold the Stewartism for that day is entitled "The Best of Middle East Humor":

A priest, a rabbi, and an imam walk into a bar. All are offended by what they see.

If that doesn't have you on the floor in stitches, well--well, something bad!

For my favorite religious joke of all time, see this post.


EdWonk said...

A penguin marches into a bar and goes up to the bartender:

Penguin: Have you seen my father?

Bartender: I don't know. What did he look like?

Rimshot *Crickets can now be heard chirping.

Anonymous said...

You should check out Charlie Brown's Kwanza at
It's a great blend of racism and a holiday classic.

Darren said...

But it truly was hilarious :-)