Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Greatest Movie Line Of All Time

Courtesy of a student of mine:



Anonymous said...

Yhat was actually pretty good, I didn't see that comming. Jimmy Carter was on the Daily Show on Monday night so it's probably a good thing I'm having my meeting in Mr. Sanchez's room, lol. He said he was going to West Point the next day. John Stewart refered to you as the 10% of the people who Demonize Jimmy Carter, lol.

Darren said...

Ronnie, I defy you to identify 1 thing, only 1, that Carter did that was of positive lasting import.

OK, I can think of ONE. He paved the way for Ronald Reagan! There's a reason why Reagan won the electoral landslide that he did.

And lest anyone want to cry out CAMP DAVID ACCORDS! I'll just ask now, how *is* that Israeli-Palestinian peace thing going, anyway?