Thursday, December 15, 2005

12/15/1791 Bill of Rights Ratified

The Bill of Rights is one of the most important, and yet most misunderstood, sections of American law today. To me the words are crystal clear, yet time (and some strange legal and mental gymnastics) have created coal where the diamond used to be. Yes, I exaggerate some there, for the Bill of Rights is still of such preeminent worth, still of such beauty, that's it's worth killing for and dying for, if need be.

The Bill of Rights represents what is good in America.

Once a year I read the entire Constitution, just to "recenter" myself, so to speak, to restore my faith in our republican form of government. It doesn't take too long--I highly recommend it. If you can't spare the time to read the founding document of our nation, which can be found here, try reading just the Bill of Rights, found here. Read only what's written, not what you think or know to be the case today, and marvel at the clarity.

Then read this article, which I don't entirely agree with, but I link to here just to give credit to a journalist who knows a (very) little history about the Bill of Rights.


JBL said...

Thank you for your post. I am afraid that many people in this country are totally unaware of what the "Bill of Rights" actually says, particularly in regards to to religion and government.
Our children, unfortunately, in public schools are taught that it says that church and state are to be kept separate NOT that it says the government will not ESTABLISH a religion. There is a difference.
I was also enlightened by your post about the 'Barrett Report'. I was outraged but not totally surprised. I certainly hope that it is made public.

Darren said...

Not only do people not know what the First Amendment actually says, they don't understand that the 9th and 10th are essentially ignored anymore.

Still, reading the document restores my faith.

Pete Deichmann said...

Ooooh... You said Republican Government! The Socialists are going to protest you peacefully and ineffectively. They will claim that you fix elections and create hurricanes with your Omnipotent Republican Powers. They will be extremely vague in their criticism and planning and will blame you for electing whomever they decide to hate. Scary, huh?

I was given a copy of the constitution in booklet form by a friend and read it randomly throughout the year. I keep a spare for a giveaway now. They can be purchased at most major book stores for about $3.00.

We are a Republic, not a Democracy.