Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Universal Preschool

Rob Reiner, who is still a meathead after all these years, wants to tax rich people to pay for universal pre-school here in California. Think the CTA will have anything to say about this? Think they'll want credentialed teachers to run these preschools? Think these teachers will be compelled to cough up CTA dues?

I sense a racket here.

Oh, and this article in the SF Chronicle says that universal preschool would be a universally bad idea for California.


Walter E. Wallis said...

If we need something here, we need to pay the mother $200/week to stay home with the baby. I suspect this would cost less and be better for the child.

Darren said...

In many circumstances you're probably right.

Anonymous said...

There are three things wrong with this initiative: first, universal pre school's worth is debateable. Parental influence is going to have a greater effect than the school's especially at that age. I would prefer to have a Kindergarten-readiness (or 1st grade) admittance requirement. Second, a tax designated to pay for a specific program is always less efficient, and therefore more costly, than if the program were paid for out of the general fund; lastly targeting the wealthy here makes no sense and is grossly unfair. On the other hand, since those targeted comprise less than 5% of the electorate, it does make it more likely to pass. I suspect CTA has already jumped the bandwagon . . .I hesitate only because they haven't yet raised my dues to pay for their ads.


Anonymous said...

Archie said it best, "DEAD, from the neck up!"