Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Interesting Links

This article tells about a woman forced to resign from UC Davis--yet still holds a position there that pays $205,000. Just so you know, I'd have to work for 4 years to make the money that she makes by not working for 1 year. Talk about a sweetheart deal. Oh, did I mention that she had threatened to sue for discrimination (guess what kind!), but has dropped the threat because of the sinecure? (free registration may be required)

In this post, Joanne (see blogroll at left) talks about one school district's novel idea for retaining teachers by helping them afford housing. Yes, it's in the expensive Silicon Valley.

Kimberly at Number 2 Pencil (see blogroll at left) gets two links today. In the first one she mentions His Mighty Rotundness, Reg Weaver, Grand High Poobah of the National Education Association (of which I am no longer a member), who thinks schools should focus more on inputs (class size, technology, certified teachers) than outputs (student achievement, test scores). The second post shows the perils of being too honest on a personal blog.

Hope you find these postings as interesting as I have. Now my son and I are off to exchange a clock I bought as a gift (the backlight doesn't work) and get some lunch. Have a nice afternoon--I sure will!

Update, 12/21 4:12 pm: We went to Reno for the night instead. Does it get any better than Circus Circus for kids?


Anonymous said...

As we raise UC reg fees, it makes perfect sense to pay someone $205,000/yr to do duties which are "mutually agreed upon" by employee and employer. Damn, I wish I had that clause . . . I suspect that i wouldn't agree to much. But wait . . . that job's going to take some getting used to -- let's toss in a $50,000 bonus to transition.

This case is obscene. I actually hope it was discrimination, because if it was, it might actually show the government to be a cost minimizer -- however, the discriminator should be immediately fired. If it wasn't, I would hope that the recipient of this largesse would be sufficiently mortified that she would give the money back. She won't be, though.


EdWonk said...

Enjoy it while you can. Kids grow up so fast. :-)