Sunday, December 04, 2005

Where's PETA? This Is An Outrage!

A junior high student body has voted to make its mascot the 'Mummycats'. Why, you ask? Because a dead cat was found in the school and is remarkably well preserved.

I'm sure that someone will protest this, even though I'm equally sure that the cat doesn't mind. Because it's dead. See a picture of the original Mummycat here.


Dan Edwards said...

I read this article.....interesting. Best part was the workman who thought "maybe this could be worth something?" Maybe a 'mummycat' would be a first for e-bay?

Personally, I think it would be a cool school mascot.

Darren said...

Maybe it could be a performing mascot. CU brings their buffalo to games, Army and Navy bring their mules and goats, and Air Force brings its falcon.

Can you imagine halftime? "And now, watch the Amazing Mummycat as it plays dead. Play dead, Mummycat. Good boy!"

Ok, it's not that funny. I'm all out of humor.