Thursday, February 18, 2021


I got a robo-call from my school district this morning--I can go to a nearby high school on Saturday and get a 'rona vaccine if I sign up for a time.

Sure, I signed up for a shot.  But what's the point?  When school reopens, and they tell us it will probably reopen this spring, I'll still have to wear a mask and have everybody stay 6' apart.  We'll only partially open in a hybrid model that takes the worst of Zoom school and in-person school and combines them; hybrid is actually worse than total Zoom school.  Why get a shot if I still have to pretend that the 'rona boogey-man is gonna get me?

I'm sure the people who made the rules above will say that there is science! behind their decisions.  At this point such a statement is laughable.  On balance, it's probably better for me to get the vaccine than not, but here in the Democratic People's Republic of Kalifornia, not by much.  I live in an insane asylum, and the patients are running it.

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Anonymous said...

I don't plan on taking the jab. Anon for very legit reasons!
I don't do flu shots and I aint doing this one. My kids were vaccinated when they were born 30 some years ago but that's about it for vaccines.
My body my choice. Where have I heard that before?