Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Sea Levels Will Rise 5 Feet Before Christmas!!!

The science isn't as settled as they want you to believe it is:

These actions and rhetoric are predicated on the perception that climate change is an imminent threat to humanity, a perception that may be based on what one expert, Professor Roger Pielke, Jr. of the University of Colorado Department of Environmental Studies, calls the “the unstoppable momentum of outdated science.”

In an article published November 30, 2020 in the Honest Broker Newsletter Pielke writes, “Much of climate research is focused on implausible scenarios of the future, but implementing a course correction will be difficult.”

“Ultimately, the issues associated with the misuse of scenarios in climate research and assessment are a matter of scientific integrity,” he concludes.

Pielke cannot be called a climate change denier. Indeed, he has long been an advocate for action, but he is also a vigorous advocate for accurate, dispassionate and politically neutral science as an essential predicate to discussions of climate change policy.

“Responding to climate change is critically important,” writes Pielke. “So too is upholding the integrity of the science which helps to inform those responses"...

Pielke published a graph showing how carbon dioxide emissions scenarios for the future, including the one “most commonly cited” by climate researchers, Representative Concentration Pathway 8.5 (RCP8.5), diverge significantly from actual emissions to date (dark purple curve).

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“The misuse of scenarios in climate research and assessment documented in this paper includes the inappropriate identification of an extreme, implausible scenario [RCP8.5] as a reference or ‘business as usual’ baseline and the improper comparison of scenarios generated from different integrated assessment models.”

Pielke writes, ”Evidence is now undeniable that the basis for a significant amount of research has become untethered from the real world.”

He says his literature review shows “almost 17,000 peer-reviewed articles that use the now-outdated highest assessments of the IPCC and the U.S. National Climate Assessment.”

His drive for accurate, truthful science has not come without criticism or derision. Climate alarmists routinely disparage both Pielke and his father, Robert Pielke Sr., a climate scientist who is likewise a critic of shoddy science. The “cancel culture” is particularly strong when it comes to adhering to climate change orthodoxy.

Shocking, I know.


SoCalMike said...

Natural variability is not climate change.

Auntie Ann said...

I always love the local news stories about what is going to happen to an area when sea levels rise--Manhattan will be under water!.

I love it, because to this day I have never seen such an article include the NOAA tide gauge chart for the area.

When I come across such an article, I often pull up the nearest tide gauge and laugh. Pretty much every long-term gauge in the world shows a perfectly linear trend going on a century, with absolutely no acceleration due to post-WWII industrialization.

The exceptions tend to be places with large land subsidence, not sea level rise, i.e. cities built on landfill or on a sand bar. And one island in the South Pacific which suffered an earthquake and saw the land suddenly drop away.

They couldn't post such a graph, because it would make a mockery of the doom-mongering.