Thursday, February 18, 2021

Is America A Racist Country?

And from Glenn Loury we get Unspeakable Truths About Racial Inequality In America:

My conclusion: “My responsibilities as a black man, as an American, and as an intellectual are not in conflict.” I defend this position as best I can in what follows. I also try to illustrate the threat “cancel culture” poses to a rational discourse about racial inequality in America that our country now so desperately requires. Finally, I will try to model how an intellectual who truly loves “his people” should respond. I will do this by enunciating out loud what have increasingly become some unspeakable truths. So, brace yourselves!

Here are Loury's unspeakable truths: 

  • The first unspeakable truth: Downplaying behavioral disparities by race is actually a “bluff”
  • A second unspeakable truth: “Structural racism” isn’t an explanation, it’s an empty category
  • Another unspeakable truth: We must put the police killings of black Americans into perspective
  • Yet another unspeakable truth: There is a dark side to the “white fragility” blame game
  • On the unspeakable infantilization of “black fragility”

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This is what happens when you see people as members of racial groups rather than as individuals.  I judge people based on how they act, how they treat me as an individual, and what they believe, not on their skin color.  That used to be considered "good" or "right" or "normal", now it's revolutionary.

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