Thursday, February 11, 2021

My Lungs Must Be Made Of Iron

I've been eating in a "super-spreader location".

Our district is making plans to return kids to school in a hybrid format.  That schedule probably isn't bad for elementary students, but it's freakin' stupid for high school students.  I'll have even less time to teach them than I have now, which is less time to teach them than if they were in normal school.

But I digress.

Several of us teachers work on campus each day, and we eat together in one of our school's staff lounges.  Today I was told that as part of the instructions the school has received for having students back on campus, some of the furniture in our staff lounges has to be removed.  Also, we won't be able to eat lunch together in the staff lounge anymore--we'll have to either eat outside or alone in our classrooms.

Why, you ask?  Because the staff lounge is a "super-spreader location" for the 'rona.

We've been eating together in the lounge since August and no one's gotten the 'rona.  Heck, no one's even gotten the sniffles.  But the lounge is a "super-spreader location".  Must be some science! backing up that assertion, but I haven't seen it.

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Ellen K said...

Just like AGW and Bigfoot, most of the Corona initiatives are based on theories that have no real proof in practice.