Monday, October 08, 2018


As I was reading this morning, a common theme kept recurring, violence.  First, dating violence:
A recent study has found that Canadian teen boys are more likely to be victims of physical dating violence, a disparity that has been documented — but rarely reported on — by researchers in other English-speaking countries...

Lead researcher Elizabeth Saewyc — a professor at the University of British Columbia —  told PJ Media on Sunday by phone that the difference in victimization is “small but statistically significant.”

For example: In 2003, boys were 2.6 percent more likely to report physical dating violence. In 2008, boys were 2.7 percent more likely to report dating violence. And in 2013, boys were 0.6 percent more likely to report physical violence from their partner.

“While it's a small difference because the overall percentages are fairly small, two or three percentage points might not seem significant. But when you look at that difference over thousands and thousands of high-school kids, it’s huge" Saewyc told PJ Media.

Boys are “50 percent more likely to report physical dating violence” said Saewyc, and that’s “a gap that has been more or less consistent for the last two decades.” While it’s a counterintuitive finding, Saewyc urged readers to put themselves in the place of teens.

"Think about how generally unacceptable for boys and young men to actually haul off and slap a girl. But for girls, there isn't the same social sanction for hitting a guy, whether they're dating or not,” said Saewyc.
It's wrong when guys hit girls, and it's just as wrong the other way around.

I thought Canadians were supposed to be nice and polite!  This guy sure isn't:
Jordan Hunt, the 26-year-old man accused of kicking a pro-life woman on Sunday, has been arrested. Toronto police announced Saturday that not only was he charged in that case, but he was also accused in a separate incident.

Hunt approached people protesting abortions, and began scribbling on their signs and clothing, police says. One of the protesters confronted him, and he allegedly kicked her in the shoulder, police said. In this account, it knocked the phone from her hand. He allegedly then ripped off a ribbon from her, and ran away.

Police said he surrendered to cops on Saturday. Officials didn’t name the alleged victim, but Marie-Claire Bissonnette said that was her. She claimed an unknown man crashed a pro-life demonstration, defaced two signs with markets, and scribbled on several participants. As seen on video, a woman confronts him. He brings up a hypothetical situation in which a 16-year-old girl gets pregnant by rape, and they argue over whether it’s justified for her to get an abortion. She says no, at which point, the man winds up, and apparently kicks her.

“I meant to kick her phone,” he says.
Oh, then it's completely ok.  Sheesh.

Then there's the completely made-up violence which now-Justice Kavanaugh was accused.  He wasn't actually guilty of it, but that doesn't matter to some lefties:
The goal posts on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh moved a little more during a massive anti-Kavanaugh protest outside a Federal courthouse in Washington, D.C. Thursday, organized by the Women's March. According to the group's Twitter account, an FBI report allegedly exonerating Kavanaugh of sexual assault charges is immaterial because it's clear Kavanaugh is "capable" of sexual assault.
Here's their own tweet:  "Kavanaugh was angry, vindictive, and hostile during his testimony about Dr. Blasey Ford’s allegations of attempted rape. We fully believe a man this belligerent and entitled is capable of sexual assault."

Used to be that sexual assault was a big deal.  It's such a big deal that the left thought they could make up accusations of it and derail now-Justice Kavanaugh.  If sexual assault, and accusations thereof, are such a big deal, you'd expect righteous anger from someone falsely accused.  That the left expected now-Justice Kavanaugh to just sit there and take it, accept false accusations without any hint of emotion, tells me that they must not think sexual assault is a very big deal.  (Aside:  had he shown no emotion at all, they'd have said that was evidence that he was guilty.  No-win scenario.) 

A comment at the last link above pretty much hits the nail on the head:  "Why is women's anger considered righteous and appropriate and men's anger considered potentially criminal?"  I'm sure the left's answer is "Because shut up."

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Pseudotsuga said...

Have you seen the video footage of leftie Anti-Fa Larpers assuming the authority to direct traffic in Portland, Oregon a few days ago?
The irony of the one pasty white dude ranting about one of the drivers' whiteness was immense. When the drivers didn't want to do what these people wanted, they were threatened and assaulted. And the police were....where? doing what to these non-peaceful demonstrators?
Oh, right, because shut up!