Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Fortuitous Error

I caught a break at school today.

Our district pays for all sophomores and juniors to take the PSAT during school.  I was assigned as a proctor for that test, but no somehow no students were assigned to me!  Being a team player, though, I helped out as much as I could, putting out fires as the testing started.  After about a half an hour of running around, things calmed down, and then I had some time to catch up on work.  Nice!

After testing, classes began--which means that classes were only about 25 min long today.  Still, I was able to get some teaching and learning accomplished.

So what could have been a very crappy day ended up not being horrible, at least for me.  Under the circumstances I'll call it a victory!

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Ellen K said...

I dodged that bullet for some reason. The eight seniors forced to show up watch Monuments Men with me and then studies for semester exams which begin tomorrow.