Saturday, October 06, 2018

Democrats FAILED

I don't "believe the woman", I believe the evidence.  Or lack thereof.

Democrats seriously overplayed their hand.  Their politics of personal destruction failed, and another good justice will soon sit on the Supreme Court.  It shouldn't be too long before Ginsburg is gone, and if that happens soon enough, President Trump will get a 3rd justice.

I wonder if many of the protesters believed what they spouted.  It's just as likely to me that they said whatever they needed to in order to win by any means necessary.  Yes, Judge Kavanaugh paid a heavy price, but he still won.  And they still lost.

And I like knowing that.


David said...

Even before Trump nominated someone, democrats were attacking the nominee. Just go back to july and you would see news reports about that. He could nominate george washington or jesus and democrats would still complain.

Steve USMA '85 said...

I wonder how many of the Senate members would survive a look into their High School and/or College years?

Darren said...

I certainly couldn't. I did plenty that I wouldn't want public, that's for sure.

Ellen K said...

Before Kavanaugh was named in July, Democrats were circulating a letter with a blank where the nominee's name would be. I know that men can be cads and bullies. But I also know women can use sex as a weapon and will lie to get their way. I think something happened to Ford, but I also think she's mentally ill. The Democrats used her and for that they deserve to lose every seat that is up.