Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Asians Are Considered Minorities--Except In Education

As Instapundit often says, "Asians are the new Jews."  He says that in relation to Asians being discriminated against in Harvard (and other Ivy League schools) admissions.  Eighty years ago it was the Jews who, if merit alone were considered, would be "overrepresented" in the Ivies.  I don't know if Jews would still be overrepresented, but we know that Asians would be.  They aren't "interesting" enough to add diversity at today's universities.  Who says so?  University admissions officers.  That's why Asians have to score even higher than white kids to have the same chance of entry into so many of the nation's top universities.

The current lawsuit against Harvard, though, may not yield the hoped-for results, even if successful:
It is uncertain how the current lawsuit regarding Harvard’s alleged discriminate against Asian applicants will eventually turn out, but the smart money predicts little will change. After all, this is just one of many similar previous lawsuits, and racial preferences survived them all. Nor should we ignore administrative ingenuity in circumventing court orders. At most, Harvard and other elite schools will admit a handful more Asian applicants and hold their tongues in describing these youngsters as boring, plain vanilla dullards who add little to the school’s vital diversity.

The Court’s likely reluctance to flat out ban racial discrimination hardly settles the issue.
It's 2018 and we're still judging people by the color of their skin.  Fifty years after his death, Dr. King would be so disappointed.

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