Monday, October 15, 2018

From the Reality-based Community/Party of Science

Remember when the Republican in Delaware mentioned witchcraft?  She was hounded mercilessly.  But these banshees?
Facebook blocked 800 sites yesterday because they had politically conservative bent, but this site is fine.  For those of you who have nothing to do Saturday night 10/20, Catland Books which claims it (is) Brooklyn’s premiere occult bookshop & spiritual community space is hosting a ritual to hex Brett Kavanaugh (Brooklyn has more than one occult bookshop & spiritual community space? Ah fuggedaboutit)

According to invite on the event’s Facebook page (see below), 1K witches have committed to the Hexing, and another 10K are interested. Which raises the question, if all those witches show up,  will they all wear black capes and pointed hats? If that happens, it will be challenging to figure out which witch is which. Even worse, if a spell is cast during this event, it will be even more challenging to figure out which witch successfully placed the hex, or in other worlds which witch is the bewitching witch.
Perhaps this is what lefties mean when they say "by any means necessary".

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