Sunday, October 28, 2018

Filled Out My Ballot Tonight

As my high school is a Vote Center, meaning that even mail-in ballots can be dropped off there, I'll just hang on to my ballot until election day, and take it to work with me to drop off.  As I didn't vote for a single Democrat this time, it's conceivable not a single person I voted for will be elected.  I voted yes on only two of the initiatives.

As I've done since 1984 (how ironic!), I've fulfilled this particular civic duty.


Mike Thiac said...

I did mine last Tueday, early voting. Straight Republican ticket. Not only Cruz, after the 2016 election we lost all the judges. Right now we got libtarded judges giving multiple felons RoR or low bail. We just had two “Jugglers” (they follow you after you get cash from an ATM and rob you), long records. One got RoR, one got 4500 bail. We gotta get those people out of office.

Anonymous said...

The dialysis clinic referendum is the strangest one I've seen. I don't understand why millions of Californians, who have zero knowledge about dialysis clinics, should have any say in how they are run. This is so clearly a case for the health department, specialized committees in Sacramento, and the dialysis community to decide. No one else should be butting their utterly uniformed noses or inka-vote pens into the topic.

Ann in L.A.

David said...

What about senator? There are 2 Democrats and no GOP running.

Darren said...

It's not that there was none running. Here in the People's Republik, the top two vote-getters in the primary are run against each other in the general election. This year, the top two vote-getters were both Democrats, so they're the two up for election as senator.

I didn't cast a vote for any Democrats. I won't help *any* of them get elected, not this time.

Mike Thiac said...

Louisiana also has the "Jungle Primary" system. That's how David Duke managed to get in the run off in 1991.

Mike43 said...

And that led to the infamous re-election signs, "Vote for the Crook." I saw those in Louisiana when I was transferred from Fort Hood to a National Guard assignment.

The aforementioned crook was ingenious. It appeared he hosted "poker parties" at the govenor's mansion, where he would "win" huge sums. I seem to recall his tax returns stated Salary: 35,000 Income from gambling: 350,000 dollars.

Pretty inventive.