Monday, September 08, 2014

This, From the Capital of the Free Speech Movement

What was that term that was popularized on the internet several years ago, wherein one shreds an argument point by point?  Ah yes, fisking. And that's what Ken White has done to a ghastly email about free speech sent out by the Chancellor of UC Berkeley, Nicholas Dirks:
Yesterday Chancellor Dirks sent an email about free speech to Berkeley students, faculty, and staff. In today's competitive publishing environment it is astonishingly difficult to distinguish yourself as an academic by being wrong about free speech, but Chancellor Dirks is equal to the challenge. His email is so very bad on every level — legally, logically, rhetorically, and philosophically — that it deserves scrutiny.
White then goes on to shred each of Dirks' points so overwhelmingly that one could almost feel sorry for Dirks--if he weren't such a totalitarian idiot.

Update, 9/15/14:  Dirks has backtracked.

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maxutils said...

What I most learned from this is that I hate fisking. And yesterday, I didn't know what fisking was. The totality of the statement is horrific to anyone who values freedom of speech ... but nit picking it to death is not the answer, because it leads people like me who support the cause get bored and go away ... find a couple or 5 points that are legitimate to refute, and I'm much more willing to listen....